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Friday, December 12, 2008

Cheroenhaka(Nottoway)Inter-Tribal Fall Powwow 2008 Nottoway Co. Va.

The beginning for our Grand Entry into The Sacred
Circle to give thanks to The Great Creator

Head Male Dancer Pernell Richardson (Haliwa-Saponi) Indian Tribe along with Cheroenhaka(Nottoway) Head Teen Jingle Dancer Jade "Rain Drop" Hughes,and other tribal members and visitors
Head Female Dancer Donna "Water Lily"Richardson and Head Male Dancer Pernell Ricardson leading Tribal members and visitors in the Sacred Circle Color Guard leading in the Sacred Circle during Grand Entry
Master of Ceremonies Clark Stewart
Vice-Chief Ellis "Soaring Eagle" Wright and Tribal Member Donnie Freeman
Host Drum Yough-ta-nund and Guest Drum Falling Water
VIP Dancer Registration with tribal members working
Arena Director Thomas "Two Feathers" Lewis and Head Female Dancer Donna Richardson of The Meherrin Indian Tribe along with Head Male Dancer Pernell Richardson Haliwa-Saponi Indian Tribe and Tribal Princess of The Chickahominy Indian Tribe
Prince David "Slow Turtle" Brown, Chief Walt "Red Hawk" Brown, and Chickahominy Princes with Tribal member T.J. "Rolling Thunder" Hewett
Head Female Jingle Dancer and Head Male Dancer with Head Teen Jingle Dancer
Head Male Dancer showing his finery with Head Teen Jingle Dancer following
Tribal members and guest in the Sacred Circle
Three Chiefs ,Chief Walt"Red Hawk Brown , Chief Thomas "Two Feathers" Lewis (Meherrin Indian Tribe) and Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) War Chief William "Spread Eagle" Lamb Howell
Tribal Members with Guest in Sacred Circle
Chief Walt "Red Hawk"Brown relates Tribal History to the Audience
Tribal members leading in the Sacred Circle
Head Teen Jingle Dancer Jade Hughes, Head Teen Male Dancer David Brown , Head Female Jingle Dancer Donna Richardson , and Head Male Dancer Pernell Richardson
Fancy Shawl Dancers
Thomas Winn Native Wood Carver Powwow Vendor (Native Driftwood Thomas Winn Wood Carver)
Aztec Dancers Mexico City
Tribal Member Angus Hines looks on

Monday, September 8, 2008

7th Annual Pow Wow 2008

Color Guard making ready for The Grand Entry into
the Sacred Circle.
Vice-Chief Ellis "Soaring Eagle" leading Color Guard into The
Sacred Circle looking proud and standing tall.
Head Female dancer Donna "Water Lily" Richardson and
Head Male dancer Keith "Hides The Sun" Anderson leading tribal members
and visiting guest into The Sacred Circle .
Prince David "Slow Turtle" Brown and Chief Red Hawk following
in harmony with The Great Creator watching.
Head Female dancer and Head Male dancer with Rickie
"Two Beavers" Boone following with tribal members and

Guest and tribal members praising The Creator
and Mother Earth for all that has been given to them
gracefully and abundantly.

Guest and Tribal women feeling the spirit.

Visiting Chief James Caulder and Vice-Chief Ben Thompson
of the Pee Dee Tribe of South Carolina standing with our Color

Tribal women and chidren showing respect in The
Sacred Circle.

MC Keith Colston (Tuscarora-Lumbee) of the Maryland
Council Indian Affairs in the drum arbor.
Veterans being honored and praised for their bravery and
fighting for our freedom.

Head Female and Head Male Dancer leading Chief Red Hawk
and Chief James Caulder with tribal member and guest

Tribal Jingle Dancer.

Tribal members and guest dancing.

Aztec Dancers from Mexico.
Our Great Chief Red Hawk explaining our Waskehee
Journal to the audience.
Chief Walt"Red Hawk"Brown accepting Tribal Proclamation Recognition from Supervisor Carl Faison with Tribal Council and Members looking on. Proclamation issued by Southampton Co. Board of Supervisors.
Chief Walt "Red Hawk" Brown,Supervisor Carl Faison
and Vice-Chief Ellis"Soaring Eagle"Wright accepting the Tribal Recognition Proclamation from The Southampton Co. Board of Supervisors.
Chief Red Hawk with Hope Elliot Representative
of Virginia Senator Jim Webb.
Rickie "Two Beavers" Boone with Daughter.
Arena Director Eagle Eye standing guard.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Heritage Foundation

Recipients of Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Heritage Foundation
Book Scholarship Award. L to R: Courtney "Wild Flower" Boone
(VA. State Univ.),Brittany "Day Lily" Boone (VA. State Univ.),
Allison "Falling Star" Wright accepting on behalf of Erica "White Fawn"
Wright (Emory & Henry Univ.),Sherrie "Bright Star" Baxter ( Paul D. Camp
Comm. College). Back Row : Cheroenhaka (Nottoway) Indian Tribal
Heritage Foundation Board Members : L to R: Deborah "Tiger Lily" Motahari, Beverly "Barefoot" El, Ellis "Soaring Eagle" Wright Vice-Chairman,
Terresa"Chenoabuck" Baxter, Chief Walt "Red Hawk" Brown Chairman of The Board. Not Shown in Photo: Scholarship Recipients: Erika " Swan Dancing " Archer(Univ. of Maryland), Waleshia "Dancing Moon" Hunt (Virginia Union Univ.).